T-shirt Quilt Pricing

There are a lot of variables that come into play when determining the pricing of a T-shirt quilt.  Some of those variables include:

  • Number of shirts/blocks
  • Type of fabric chosen for the back
  • Type of batting chosen
  • Pattern complexity of quilting
  • Sashing or no sashing between the blocks
  • Tile pattern or custom design pattern

The list could go on with all of the extras and possibilities to make your t-shirt quilt, custom made the way you want it.  The labor involved is, of course, another factor.  This makes it very difficult to tell you, upfront, how much your quilt will cost you.

Having said this, I have come up with a basic pricing guide to give you an estimate.  The below prices include everything to make the quilt.  The quilting will be a freehand, all-around design.

Tile Design – $12 per Shirt/Block

Tile quilt

Tile Design with Sashing – $15 per Shirt/Block

Tile with sashing

Custom Design – $20 per Shirt/Block

t-shirt quilt supply list Inspirational T shirt quilt Custom Design 2 custom design


Again…these are basic estimates for normal fabrics and procedures.  If you choose a fabric for the back of your quilt that is $25/yd instead of $10/yd, obviously, we would need to up the price.  If you decided you wanted 20″ borders all around your quilt instead of 3″ borders, we would need to up the price.  But unless you are going crazy with the materials, these estimates should reflect your cost.